LHCF was conceived by Estera Lussato in 2008, a Polish national who has lived in France and the UK for many years. While working in fashion as a model she was asked by her agent Nadia Beaufour if she could help fulfil the dream of a four year old little girl who was suffering from brain cancer. Her wish was to become a model for a day and Estera participated in making her experience more enjoyable. The feeling of having contributed to that little girl’s happiness is what initially launched her desire to help children in need. Few years later she came across three very ill and brave girls - Hania, Pola and Martynka- and her decision to actively help was taken. Soon after that LHCF was born.

Through her Eastern European roots Estera is acutely aware of the dire needs in these regions and sees an immediate potential to help. As a result LHCF is dedicated to children in Eastern Europe who because of ill health, destitution or other hardships desperately need help.

Estera and others involved in the LHCF project communicate directly with hospitals, orphanages and other charitable institutions and foundations to respond to certain appeals and situations.

We will never be able to solve all problems but it is our belief and the reason of our existence that even a little help is better than none.


About us

 Estera Lussato



Estera Lussato: Estera is the Chairman of LHCF. Estera worked for many years in the fashion industry as a model. Her clients included Chanel, Dior and Lacroix amongst others. The first years of her career were spent widely travelling and working around the world while during her later years she worked exclusively for Karl Lagerfeld in Paris. Currently Estera founded the Maternal Company and is the mother of two. She has volunteered for Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity before opening LHCF in 2009. Estera holds a BA (Hons) from Westminster University and is currently completing an MSc in Management at Birkbeck University of London.


Pierre Lussato

Pierre Lussato: Pierre is the Treasurer of LHCF. Pierre is a Managing Partner at Galaxis Capital in London and serves as a Senior Advisor at Resolution Property and TPG Credit, two London based private equity firms. He was previously a Director at Lehman Brothers. Pierre holds an MBA from Insead and a BA from Babson College.


Jim O'Neil

H. James O'Neil:
Jim is the Secretary of LHCF. Jim is responsible for the UKFI's market investments. Prior to that he was a Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London and was the Head of
International Corporate Finance. He received his MBA with High Honors from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and holds a BS degree from the University of Virginia.


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